Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-03-07 23:46:10 (UTC)

Please See She Has A Coat So Warm...

Its been a quiet day.

Thinks back. Every day is quiet now, and its for the best.
I don't have the energy to go round thinking and doing.
Better to just let the one into the open.

I did a lot to augment my education today. I've handed in
the little intro I anticipated. I managed to spend about 2
minutes in the corridor before the lecture ripping apart
the things I'd spent all of yesterday to fit together so

I went to a lecture about Williams' Syndrome in my own
time, which gave me a background to what it was thought to
be, and what it actually seems to be, and how little we
actually know. Chromosome 7 seems to be where the action is.

Michael Thomas the guy was called, and as far as
informative and not too vague or specific (you need to
learn but still understand, y'know?) lectures go, this guy
is the man. I recommend him. If you ever get chance...go
see him. You probably won't.

So then. Big day tomorrow. Playing golf. I don't know. I'm
tired. I'm just going to change my title and be done. I've
still got nothing but affection for all those who sail with

WILT? To Be Alone With You - Bob Dylan (Nashville Skyline -
I'm loving the whole album, and I never thought I would).