my pathetic life
2002-03-07 23:44:44 (UTC)

ass holes and pot heads

im not one of those people who go out every weekend and
hang out. i dont like that, basically all i do is go 2
concerts. i luv going and checking out new local bands and
everything else that comes along with that. one thing u can
do 2 me that will make me very mad at u is to ruin a
concert for me. well i cant stand being around people at
concerts who end up not likeing a band so they get angry
and disrespectful, talking loud durring a set,dissin a band
etc. well i no some people who always say "support your
local bands" and all that other crap, but for sum reason
become flaming ass holes when they go 2 concerts. they get
all pissy if one band isnt 2 their liking and make fun of
me if i do like the band. those people in that band r a lot
cooler that u dorks cuz they no what they want and their
doin what makes them happy, and ur not, ur an ass. if u
want 2 support local bands, go 2 a concert and if u happen
not 2 love one band, suck it up and take it. if not 2
support them, then 2 support their cause, music. dont
fuckin leave and be a stupid bitch.

ok enough of that. well lately ive been loosing respect for
a certain group of people, pot heads. well ill go ahead and
say it, i smoke i wont deny it but im not a freak about it.
these pot heads r the ass holes that make pot illegal. they
go and smoke cuz they think its gona make their problems
better or people will think their a rebel or m other shit.
it doesnt, their idea of drugs is like this really funny
time were they can act like a stupid fuck and no1 will care
cuz their high. well, PEOPLE DO CARE, being high isnt an
excuse. if ur gona get high and r gona go do sumtin cuz u
think its funny and no1 will care cuz u were fucked up, do
every1 a favor and STAY AWAY from drugs. its u ass holes
who do stupid useless shit while ur high, get in trouble
and make it bad for the rest of us.
and, all u people who smoke, y dont u ask ur self a few
questions... y do u do it? do u honestly like it? are all
of ur friends potheads? y is it that some1 who smokes only
has pothead friends. what can u not make friends without
getting getting high. are u that big of a loser that u
think no1 will like u if ur not high? have any of u noticed
that the only thing u and ur friends talk about it smoking.
thats all u seem 2 have in common. would UR friends like u
if u never were high? do u have 2 think about that? im done

ur lovely quote...
"there she goes want her here all this time all these years
never is the word she said, said that it would never be
anything, it's over now it's done"
-one six conspiracy