Deep Down
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2002-03-07 23:27:10 (UTC)

Missing You..........

I am sitting here, finally haven't a moment to myself...
To think about my thoughts and feelings and what I should
do with them exactly.

I love reading your thoughts, feelings, and letters.....
They make me smile and feel a little at ease with my life.
Like I have a reason to breathe and ignore those rocks in
my heart that seem to weigh me down every now and then.

I wish you'd come to California......
Merely b/c I'm here. Hehehe
I'm selfish......
I know.
I'm sorry.

When I got to talk to you the other night, it was beautiful.
It was as if I could hear you breathing with every word you
When are you coming back?
I long to feel your breath again........

Always with Burning Emotions.....

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