The life of a hellraiser
2002-03-07 22:15:22 (UTC)

Hell is other people...

Today is the last day that I get to go in to school late
after the juniors and the sophomores are finished with
their testing. This will be depressing as will having to go
in tomorrow at my normal time. I liked staying home for
until 11 so I could show up at school without having to
sign in late in the front office. I am about to pull Laura
Sayer aside and tell her to stop acting like a pathetic
little slut around Brian Conner. Either that or I will talk
to her boyfriend, Scott Ambruster, about the way Laura's
been acting around Brian, how annoying it is, and what
she'll end up doing to him (ie. accidentally kiss Brian at
a party and claiming that she was drunk, and
again "accidentally" kiss Brian at another party with the
same excuse she used the other time). However, I won't
becasue I would just be stooping to her level(which is
extremely low) and she's just jealous because of all of the
attention most of the guys have been giving me lately(even
Brian) has left her with nothing but her boyfriend and her
little friends.