victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
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2002-03-07 21:54:40 (UTC)

a shoulder to cry on

living in the past
can't let go
time's running out fast
feeling so low
can't control the ways of the world, no matter how hard you try
even if you have nothing to lose, i won't let you die
i wish i knew when i was young what i know now:
someone's always listening, someone always cares somehow
tortured by memories of happier times or thoughts of what couldve been
got to learn to move on with our lives; not making new mem'ries,
that's a sin
give me your hand, i'll wipe away that tear
jump with me and we'll have nothing to fear
the end of your world shouldn't happen with one bad thing
take up your burdens and allow your life to begin
everything is really not as bad as it seems
confront your nightmares and don't disappoint your dreams
i'll always support you with whatever you choose
no matter what happens, no matter what you do
even if your life is going not the way you had hoped
hear you me, i'll listen to you; it'll be easier to cope
don't write yourself off yet
the best has yet to come
just get through this with me
it may seem lost now, but it will get better
believe in your mind and you will be free
don't write yourself off yet