victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
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2002-03-07 21:47:33 (UTC)


the best way to greet new ideas new people too is with open
eyes, open arms, and open legs crossing that fine line of
hard liquor from beer kegs quitters don't finish last they
just finish fast faster than the winners who are losers in
the end waiting and throwing caution to the wind the final
sin finding a kindred spirit is the best thing the epitome
of connections to have a true reflection now that can't be
found in a mirror or waveless lake no matter how hard they
try to take your mind and soul don't let them or you'll
never be whole again always searching for your other half
that's missing have you ever looked within it's always in
the last place you look you don't need anyone but you look
in my eyes and you'll see i only speak the truth that's the
saddest thing in the world (please prove me wrong)