a little piece of me
2002-03-07 20:59:43 (UTC)

be proactive, not reactive

had chinese for lunch...hehe, topic was my fortune. always
good advice. anyway, just a few more hours and i'm out
here!! i have so much i could be doing. instead, i'm
playin on the computer. i'm pretty much all packed up.
jessie and elizabeth will be here soon with their luggage.
i guess i could go make sure the trunk is cleaned out. eh,
i'll do it in a bit.

design was cool today. we glazed our clay heads. they're
raku (spp??) glazes. hopefully they won't turn out too
bad. it was so fun and messy. i got to stick my hand in
the bucket of glaze and make a big mess. that's the best
part of working. i love making messes. we're going to
make clay tiles next time. we're making an original, then
a plaster mold so we can make a lot of tiles. i'm
excited. we get the whole break to come up with a design.
i want something intricate that has to be layered together
to make a bigger design. by that i mean 4 tiles will make
a while picture. might be tough, but i don't like doing
things the easy way.

well, i really should get some stuff done. hope everyone
has a great week! i'll miss you all!!


ps...nikki-glad you had fun with the bug collection.
ack!! they're just so gross lol.