The Daily Babble
2002-03-07 20:29:15 (UTC)


SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....I just got out of my last exam for the
week and I'm sooo drained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stress
that enough. The test was a KILLER! Luckily I knew a
little bit of everything from each question, shopefully I
can only hope it will be enough to get a passing grade!

I left the test and came over the the library--FOB central!
But I just don't feel like walking over to the parking
deck. As I was walking over, a couple of the guys were
hanging out so I went over to say Hi. No one I was really
close with but I thought I'd say what's up. Sean had a mini
remote controlled orange buggie and they put a little note
in it and drove it to me. They were like "read the note
read the note!" So I picked it up and it said "Hey Cutie,
need a ride?" Haha. But now I've got some time to kill and
I so do not want to start more work! What to do, what to
do. =-)