kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2002-03-07 19:02:43 (UTC)

bad coffee

Ok, I did a bad thing by not drinking my usual iced
mocha. I was drinking one about every day and took a
week due to lack of funding for my habit. Anyway I got
one this morning and now I'm going a mile a minute.
I'm like going crazy right now.

Also, it's the last day before I have finals. Next week I
have one final and two classes I need to show up for
some final stuff for.

I think I did ok in my three studio classes, it's the history
I'm still worried about. I turned in my paper, but I don't
know if I did well enough on it to get a really good grade
in the class. I so hope I managed to pull a B out of it.
that would rock!

Dave's Grandfather passed away this weekend. I feel
so bad for him. I wish I could go see him and sit with
him and talk about it. I've been through way too much of
that so I might be able to help. At least for me simply
talking about it helped out a lot last year. there were so
many things bottled up inside me that I wanted to

Maybe I can talk him into going for a drive this weekend.
He loves to drive and race so maybe he could jet his
butt over here for fun. We've never done anything
together, just the two of us. I don't know him quite that
well yet so maybe we could go out to coffee or

Oh I just remembered he has a hot date for Saturday
night so scratch everything else unless he comes
Friday or Sunday. he goes back to work today. I hope
getting back into his daily routine will help him out. It is
nice to know that the same old routine does not change
much from when you left it.

I recently managed to get all the cards for my BSB
photocard collection. I have a box left over that I'm
hoping to sell for $20. If I can do that then I'll buy a
couple boxes of cards from another set and start
collecting them. I don't know why, but it's just fun to
collect things. I know they aren't the most wonderful
thing in the eyes of ther people, but I love collecting the

I had to laugh at a girl on Kidnapped, the MTV show.
The question was "What is the label that Brian Littrell
recently started?" Something like that anyway. I'm sure
I don't have the wording right. The girl had no clue that
it was BriLeigh Productions. I only know that because
I'm such a big fan.

Recently someone wrote a message about
masturbation using books in the Library after hours. I
find it funny that everytime something sexual happens
around here it's about masturbation. You don't hear
about rape around here. It's a good thing I'm sure!

I hope that those things don't happen. It's funny that
masturbation is such a thing that people are concerned
with. Why can't people keep such a thing private?
Dumb world we live in.

Spring Break is almost here. I'm happy that I don't have
to do work or anything for a week. Speaking of work I
am going to find a job for next quarter. I am taking 12
credits that I need and there aren't any other classes
offered that I need. I also need more money to use for

Then I could buy the bowling shoes I saw at Goodwill
yesterday. I debated about buying them, but there were
also a couple books I wanted. I was going to buy a
shirt too and make it into a cute tank top, but I ditched
that Idea. I just got a new one though so I might go
back and buy the shirt. It was red with white feet
walking on it. It was a Large, but if I cut the sides and
safety pinned the sides it could be smaller. I wanted to
make a tank top with some style and that kinda hugged
what few curves I do have.

Recently I've been feeling a little fat. I don't truely think I
am, but I have been feeling that way. It's just a phase
I'm going through I'm sure. We'll see...

Thanks to my coffee I have a lot to say today.

Oh, I came up with a concept I'm going to work on. I
want to make a piece of art. I don't know quite what to
call it. I've got a piece of paper I want to start with, but
it's glossy so I need to do something to it. I wanted to
paint with water colors on top of it, but I don't think it will
work. Maybe if I soak the paper for a long time I can get
it to be less glossy or whatever...

There was something I was thinking I needed to do in
the SUB today after I went home, but I can't
remember...oh, I was going to sell back my
photography book. If I hurry I can get a good price. I
meant to take it with me this morning, but I forgot to.

I also want to come up with a new idea for my website.
If I can sort of include what I have only give it a new feel.
I don't know what kind of a feel I'm going for though. It's
user friendly right now, but not too pleasing to the eye.

My neighbor is working on a project for a class. He has
to design a website so he's doing a neopet type thing.

I need to get a book with some html menus. That is
part of my problem that I don't have a really interesting
menu. It's just a stupid table on the side.

I've sold one photocard so far. Kate wants to buy one
off of me. I'm selling them for a quarter until the end of
March so maybe I can move some more inventory. If
not I have lots of photocards to get rid of somehow. I
need to finish off the other set and try to sell it. Maybe I
could get people to promte my site.

Ah, that reminds me there was a girl who sent out an
e-mail saying she was looking for sites to link to or
whatever. I need to respond and tell her about my
cards. Maybe she can put a plug for them on there too.

I guess I'll go do that and quit rambling while I still have
things to say.