Visions Of Life
2002-03-07 14:28:25 (UTC)

Metric System... Try It Sometime..

I love the metric system but it sickens me how many
americans do not even know it. I do not remember learning
the metric system.. Its just something ive always known and
it is wonderful. You might be wondering why Im raving about
the metric system and honestly i do not know. I just know
it kicks ass.. but im also weird.. i loved chemistry
because i loved working with avagadro's number and doing
all of the calculations..

Work was stressful.. was harassed by a psycho bitch for
hours.. finally she either fell asleep or was plotting her
revenge in silence.. a resident died.. ive seen that happen
before but his family stayed the night and watching how
upset his children were broke my heart and made me cry..

i hate my manager.. i think ive mentioned this.. if i wasnt
so tired i would elaborate on this point but perhaps later..

work is stressfull and annoying. Life is stressful but
great. I am stressed but happy and in love.