...With Nowhere To Go But Home...
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2002-03-07 14:01:20 (UTC)

Day Two (2)

Well, it seems that the like last half of my first entry
was deleteed or misplaced or something...So now you all
have no clue who I am. Who am I kidding, I have no clue who
I am. We'll all figure it out together I guess. I'm just
done with life. I'm not going to go kill myself or
whatever, but still. I dont even want to think about
tomorrow, becasue as soon as I start doing that today is
going to be gone. Its only 9 am. I should do something
productive. I should study or read or catch up on the
things I missed in Algebra II But I can't. I dont know why.
I just sit and stare at the TV and eat (which I really
shouldn't be doing anyhow). I don't know. The phone just
rang and no one was on the other end. God I wish my life
were easy. I wish I didn't ahve to deal with this day to
day bullshit....okay this is deffinatly the medication
talking...or the non medication if I should say. Okay, well
step one is completed...I've recognized my problem. Now all
I need to do is fill the prescription.

Sleep Well,

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