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2002-03-07 13:56:40 (UTC)

First Writing

I, Severus Snape, have decided that due to the chaotic
nature of life in Hogwarts, I should keep my thoughts
organised online. While I am not particularly pleased that
every witch, wizard, muggle or other being should be able
to view my thoughts with the Internet, this seems to be the
best way of keeping organised. It certainly seems to be a
better idea than keeping my thoughts collected in a bowl,
at least.

First Priority of the day: I must remember to buy more
Gillyweed, and perhaps some more Skureroot too, for my next
Potions class. And now that I come to think of this - I
must remember to put a charm on the cupboard door
preventing theives from helping themselves in my absence.

The Slytherin House webpage is relocating itself to and I shall
be updating this page myself regularly. Pupils found
tampering with any page but the specifically designed
Pupil's Page shall find themselves losing a lot more than
House points. Be warned! In addition, any non-Slytherin
pupil found illegally posting on any page shall be severely
dealt with.

That is all for today.

- Severus Snape

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