The meanderings of a mind
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2001-05-09 04:24:47 (UTC)

twins (I forgot to mention this was a dream)

My older sister's clone gave birth to twin babies
prematurely. They were tiny, they looked like the pictures
of aborted fetuses. Me and my sister put them in the trunk
of the car on a towel. It seemed logical at the time. We
drove around doing errands I can't recall and I could only
think of the babies in the trunk. We stopped at this
dinner, and my sister told me to get them out. I didn't
want to touch them. I was convinced they were dead andI had
a panic attack, she laughed at me. They weren't dead. She
picked up one, it had a scab over it's mouth. I got the one
with its head dented in. We walked them to the dinner where
everything would be better. I woke up as I walked looking
at the bare dirt so i wouldn't have to look at the baby.
This was one of those moments I was scared to be me. And I
knew that I would never be anything else and tears

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