this is me
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2002-03-07 09:38:35 (UTC)

good sh*t

we had a crackin rehearsal last night. we rocked mightily,
oh yes. i think the fact that we've got a gig on saturday
really improved the collective mood. that rhymes, how nice.

we played through all the songs and they all just seemed to
have the right dynamics - they all had 'toblerone'; the pace
was just right; everyone was really into the songs and
obviously enjoying playing them... this is what the band is
about, and last night it was there in spades.

if we play like that on saturday we will totally blow them

but yesterday had that whole karma-balance thing going on
again - fantastic rehearsal, left me feeling great, really
happy. but by the time i finally got to sleep, at about
half-three and after trying to convince a very drunk sarah
that she IS beautiful, she IS attractive, she DOES have a
good figure etc etc etc, i was not a happy bunny.

oh well, thats life i s'pose.

i'm really looking forward to saturday, we are going to kick
some serious arse.

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