DayDream Believer
2002-03-07 08:03:23 (UTC)

Tell me so I know

I havent talked to S* this week, I`ve been a good girl
reading to my big test and doing lots of homework, but I`ve
been thinking about him 24/7.
He`s coming home soon, I cant wait, but Im a bit scared as
We been having some real sweet conversations lately, where
he showed that he also care for me. He`s been asking all
kinds of question and made me promisse to give him a new
picture of me to him,. Well, its only fair since he give me
new pictures of him all the time, so Im looking for the
perfect picture of me now.
But soon he`ll be able to come and take those pictures him
self, wow.Its only a few more weeks now...

My birthday is coming up next week, and I hope and pray
that I will get a perfect birthday like last year.
Well, the reason it was perfect was beacuse of S* and all
the sweet things he did to me that day :-)
He made me feel spesial even thought he wassnt even there,
he sent a present, called and talked to me all day.
I`ve told him later on that that day meant a lot to me.
But I dont think I`ll be that lucy this time, thought we
dont know, or do we?

Exept from that nothing much is happneing. Im working this
weekend and Tim is taiking tha shift afther me:-)
Im not in love or anything, its just a flirt, I will never
be involved with someone at work.
Last Friday when we were out Tim told everyone how much he
liked to work with me, lol.
I think I was because I always clean up their mess, you
know boys...

Dante called some days ago, I hated it but ofcourse when I
first had picked up the phone to say hello then it was a
bit to late to pretend I wassnt there. I diddt know that it
was him cause he called from a nother phone.
Im not sure what he wanted, we just talked for a while. Im
gonna ask Tim if he told Dante where I was on Friday, cause
I cant believe that anyone would go to that daed place


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