as the Oval turns
2002-03-07 05:04:04 (UTC)

March 6th, 2002

I'm going to probably be able to pull off graduating in
4...or at least graduating in spring of next year. I'm
looking to go to grad school to pursue a Ph.D in political
science so I can be a researcher, professor, or civil
rights activist. But where am I going to school? Good
question. I want to go out east to Maryland or New
England, mainly b/c it's stately and a different type of
environment than what I'm used to in the Midwest. But I
get the feeling that I should try and go to the University
of Cincinnati. I want to make sure that feeling is from
God. See, here's the deal. Cincinnati, Ohio is a city
that's actually pretty beautiful. It has rolling hills,
and it's kind of like the offspring of the DC suburbs and
Detroit. But like Detroit, it has a lot of racial tension
and strife, so I don't know. For what I want to do in
terms of activism, it's perfect. But Pacey is most likely
going to be attending UC's med school. I am not worried
about seeing Pacey, b/c I probably won't. Med school is a
bitch. And I will be living my life and doing my thing.
However, I don't want to be subconsciously trying to follow
Pacey. That's not cool. But like Claudia was saying to me
earlier, if God wants me there, I'll get in, but if He
doesn't, I won't. I hope it's that simple. I really need
some supernatural confirmation.