i forgot

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2002-03-07 04:42:55 (UTC)

sick 8.41p

I'm so tired of my life. I am not satisfied with myself.
Gosh, my head is really screwed up. It's hard to explain. I
really think I need to talk to someone. I just don't want
to be weird. I think it would be embarrrasing. I would have
a hard time spilling everything about my life to a perfect

I'm going to try to explain what is wrong.
I get really, really sad, sometimes for no reason &I just
Sometimes I can't do anything. Like homework, for instance.
It's weird. I want to. I just can't.
I don't drink anything with caffine of anything, but
sometimes I have trouble concentrating.
I also get very irratible. And for no reason. It gets so
bad that I can't even tolerate someone talking to me.

When I do feel "normal", I think of alot of things I can do
to make my life better. I am optimistic. But before I get
a chance to make a deciscion or put my ideas in to action,
I drop back into by yucky state. It is a vicious cycle.

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