kurt is the man

this is my life
2002-03-07 03:20:37 (UTC)

whoa long time

well its been since october since ihave written in here ,
still things are mostly the same with me , lately i have
been a lot more happier than i used to thats probably got
something to do with me meeting the love of my life :) .
yeah things are good with me and her , oh yes today was
the 1st time i have skated in a quite a while , i rolled
my ankles bad today but there is no swelling so thats a
good sign ........... never broken a bone yet so i guess
ill keep drinking that milk hahah . but seriously my
ankles were flopping like a fish out of water haha nice
image isnt it . lately i have been listening to a wide
variety of music , mostly i used to listen to grunge but
lately i have gotten into the punk scene and a lot of emo
and ska ........ no for you people out there im not a
person who calls themselves a punk , i hate to stereotype
people and i dont classify people i dont know so i dont
classify myself . but yeah i guess this is a good start to
starting to keep my new journal. this is just basically a
review of myself and my interests as of lately , oh yes i
still play the guitar and i have got quite good at it if i
must say so , well thats enough for tonite folks , peace!!