ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-03-07 02:47:08 (UTC)

GiN and JuiCE

Hey, well, i dont remember the last time i wrote, so im
writin now. Uh, yesterday, Chris came over and he brought
with him some like Chronic weed shit, and we were in my
backyard, and he was like 'u want some?' but i was like
no, and he was like "are u sure, cuz one hit wont mess u
up." NOw im The BiggeSt freakEn light weight around,
but stupidly i was like "ok...." and so with one hit i
was coughin it up and i got totally buzzed, plus i drank
some oarnge juice with a lot of Vodka in it, so i was kinda
messed up and acting stupid. But its cool, cuz im just
cool like that.

Oh, im so happy cuz Friday is like a half day (we
get out at like 11:00) so i plan to have some fun!

But i dont know what im doin yet, most likely something
with Chris, but i wanna do somethin with Paulina.

Oh ya!!! THat littLe Mofo was trying to use
me and Chris today! She called me up, and she was like "
Do u wanna get stoned?" Now i was a bit shocked, cuz she
told me she didnt want to do that shit N E More. But she
was like "Call Chris and come over!" But i was like '
No bitch! ur just tryin to use us!' SO ya, I think
Pauly's got a problem. PsYChO.....

Lately ive just been kinda thinking about like
going somewhere far away and never comming back. Like, i
just want to leave everything and everyone behind and
forget about it all. Then i wonder how much my life
would change. I dont want to stay here for the
rest of my life. I CanT! i have to get out, or i'll go
CrAzY! Fuck, i cant wait till i get a car, some
money, and im 18. That will be cool.
Flogging Molly's commming soon!!1
yaaaaaa. im excited. well, later.

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