my pathetic life
2002-03-07 02:10:09 (UTC)

me rambleing again

well today was ok, i found outi have a comunity service
project due monday. i have 2 right a fucking paper about my
comunity service. idunno is just me or is comunity service
supposed to b volentary? i no i get bitchy when some1 TELLS
me to do sumtin. well idunno y im talkin about this since
ill end up bullshittin a paper and liein about what i did,
since i supposed to do 5hrs and i dont want to do any, so i

well im in the school band (ya i no im a band dork). i love
music and i like band. but i HATE the band director. i
cant stand himat all. its nutin that he's done its just
that hes one of those people that i dont get along with. u
cant b every1's best friend right? well today we had
afterschool practice, i planed on going. when i left band
class to go 2 my locker the teacher made a stupid ass joke
at me. i didnt apreciate it at all. so i decided to skip
practice and sit in starbucks for an hr and a 1/2. it was
fun. isnt great how a stupid comment can piss me off?

i made muffins today, they are yummy. i like cooking, its
fun. well ive run out of things 2 say, lata

your quote of the day . . .
"im so happy yet sad. cuz i miss u oh so bad. im staring at
your photograph, ya the one u thought u tore in half"