my so called life
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2001-05-09 01:31:55 (UTC)

may 8th, 2001

well let me give you a start on my life. I have a good life
right about now. im 16, and im in 10th grade. i don't like
school all that much, its gay!!! haha...i work at the
plaza. K*B Toys. Thats where i met most of my good
friends. And thats also where i met my boyfriend. hes so
great. He is the first guy that i can achually say me and
him are going to last a while. i like him alot. There was a
problem with his age and stuff cause hes 22, 6 years older
than me, but its okay i talked to my mom about it. she
still doesn't know his real age. she thinks that he is 20,
is it that big of a diffrence? i don 't think it is. i
think if you really like someone then go for it cause you
can't go liveing your life afraid to take challenges. i
think you should go day by day, minute by minute. i don't
look at the future. But i do look at the past. i live on
the past. i know its not that great to do but thats just
the way that i see things. I still look back at all the
bad times, or the mean things people have done to me cause
i know that someday sometime i will get back at each and
every one of them people. Like Amanda Crawford.. shes a
bitch i would like to kill... i would never kill her, im
just hypothetically speaking. But i know i wanna make her
life as misreable as she made mine in 8th grade. man i
hate her. if i could have my revenge on one person it
would def. be her. And to start out with my friends. oh
geez.. Swedeland sucks. My two best friends used to be
Jessi and Kelli, that all changed not even a year ago when
there got to be good friends with Joey...the bastard!!!
well i remember the certain day they dropped me too!!It was
the day me and Jessi came back from my dads tournamet...we
came home and i was talkin to chrissy, and she told me
kelli did this and that and acid and she smokes and this
and that and i didn't beleive her i was yellin at her cause
i thought she was lyin. Then she told me to ask kelli and
it was true every part of it!! Thats the day jessi started
up on drugs again. They totally took me out of their life
at that point on. I don't see the point. I miss them soo
much. I thought i could trust them forver...but i was
wrong. oh well i just had to find some new friends that i
could totally trust and so far i found a few. mostly
people from work, gale, kim, greg, and thats about it...but
most of all scott...he is my best friend as well as my
boyfriend. hes great! i think i already said that though.
School is almost over thank god...only a few more weeks. i
hate the last week of school...finals are never fun!! but
after that the summer is clear!!!! okay well i better go,
but that is my introductory.! hope you liked have fun!!
~peace out~