SuGaR RuSh
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2002-03-07 01:46:33 (UTC)

urgghhh cheesed once again...!

i hate bein cheesed...i was just readin sumthin and they r
sayin how they wanna die n stuff and like how they hate
livin w/ the ppl they live w/...they complain all the
time..but yet they do nothing 2 try n fix it...well it
seams like they dont...i try 2 help but like when i talk 2
them they r usually so depressed i dun want them 2 get
worse so i just dont ask them about it...or they r just so
mad i dont wanna talk 2 them cuz we mite fight or they will
go nuts on me...and utha times i just dont even wanna ask
cuz i dont wanna like get involved cuz its like...i
dunno...its like none of my business ugh if they read this
they r prob gunna get mad @ me or sumthin and they will b
like u dont live here u dont know what ur talkin
about...they r right...i dont...but when i do ask 2 try 2
help or sumthin they barely even talk..whatever fuck
it...if they dont wanna tell its just tryin 2
help...but if they ever wanna talk bout it..IM ALWAYS
HERE!!!~that goes 4 all my friends
n e ways...i stayed home from skool 2 was boring i
watched movied all day..and peter pan is the best movie
ever lol and after skool mike called me from skool...he was
stayin after..and he called 2 c if i was ok...hes so damm
cute i love him lol...well hmm...we won 2 hockey games in a
row...amazing! well im out

Dont look At me in that tone of voice