2002-03-07 01:32:30 (UTC)

A Summary

On Monday late afternoon John and I went to Albany and did
our Costco shopping and went to the bread store. We ate
dinner out at Arby's because it was so late.

Tuesday morning I went to Junction City and did the rest of
the grocery shopping. John's crew has had a good safety
record so they were rewarded with a pizza lunch. There were
lots of leftovers and John brought home almost an entire
pizza so that's two days in a row I didn't have to make

I've been going through the worst of great-Aunt Clara's
quilt tops and cutting out blocks and sometimes just pieces
of fabric. Some of the tops are badly stained and can't be
cleaned. Some have fabrics that are too thin to withstand
being quilted. I'm putting together fabric and blocks which
will work together and will use them to make doll, crib-size
and wall-size quilts.
I started this journal because I wanted a place to record my
life for myself. It's a way I can look back and see just
when did such-and-such happen. The to-do list reminds me
that I have accomplished a few things that day; it's easy to
forget if I don't list them down. The menus of dinners
cooked and lunches made are included so I'll try something
new once in a while and not repeat myself so much and also
because once they're made and eaten there's no record left
of them at all! It's the same with the quilts I'm working on
and the books I'm reading. I can look back and see when I
worked on what quilt and how many books I've read and what
they were. I keep track of what makes me grateful because
I'd rather remember the things I do have then dwell on those
I don't. And the quotations are there to remind me of all
the wisdom and humor and beauty there is in the world.

The daily entries are sometimes just a record of what I've
done that day. Sometimes they're little stories and
sometimes what I'm thinking but this journal is the place
where I can write down what I want. Virginia Woolf said *A
woman must a room of her own if she is to write fiction.*
Or anything else. This is my room.