out of reach
2002-03-07 01:04:33 (UTC)


"i壇 rather run away with you never spend another day at
home baby i can feel the pain when your spending all your
nights alone until that we can hide away never picking up
the phone then we can run and play and let the night become
our home"

i woke up to that song this morning. reggie and the full
effect is most enjoyable to wake up to, or perhaps sleep an
extra 15 minutes to. i was "late" to school today. but
after walking into the wrong class i realized i wasn't late
at all. i'm still a bit confused truthfully.

i am very much enjoying these three hour delays we've been
having at school. not only can i sleep in till 9:30, but
i've been doing nearly nothing in my classes, particularly
physics. i've lucked out quite a bit this week. however,
i have test on friday that i am most unprepared for.
perhaps i shall study on thursday night or friday morning.
it doesn't seem all too hard to understand.

i'm beginning to question why i actually try in my
classes. mid-year reports are already out and there's
really not much i can strive for. i'm not in contention
for valedictorian or saludatorian (which is good because i
couldn't imagine giving a speech at a school which i hate
so much). i ought to get my mother to sign an adult status
form so i can sign out early and skip physics whenever i
want. while i enjoy mr. rem's jokes, i'm not much a fan of
those in my class. and of course its best to just not go.

"the night's become our home"