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2001-05-09 01:24:28 (UTC)

untitled (sandy)

You were never there
And you were never real
But still I fell..
And I loved you most
For what you never were
But how am I supposed to move on
When I know what the best can be
Even if its cloaked in lies
Im not clean
You were the one I chose to enter
You were the one
Who stole the glitter
From my eyes…
My eyes
The eyes you started into
So many days
And nights
In love
Disgust set in
And now your at your end
Youre gone and I am here
Left with my eyes.
My tears
They ran through me
And touched my soul
Seeped inside
To scar
And hold
A part of me will never let go
Apart of me
Youll always have control
Of me
Of this
Of somethings we left in bliss
Apart of me
Is a aprt of you
But you have left.
You didn’t pursue