Mah Life
2002-03-07 00:32:38 (UTC)

Oh yea last night I was..

Oh yea last night I was watching Buffy and, zander and anya
were getting married. Be4 the wedding Willow was fixing
anays dress or whatever,and Anyas all wheres Zander,I want
Zander here,and Willows all its bad luck for the groom to
see the bride be4 the wedding,and shes all but hes my best
friend,I want him to be here. Then shes all "I get to
spend the rest of my life with my best friend"

I was like omg,I started hella crying. I went up to my
room,and started thinking about stuff,which made me cry
even more. I am so mixed up. Ok I got to go,bye

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