Mah Life
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2002-03-06 23:55:56 (UTC)


I am so fucking mixed up and shit. I've been doing
good,holding it all in.But no the one person who knows be
best in the whole world has to go and say something. I was
like god shutup,I know this all ready.
he pisses me off
he makes me cry
all this hurt
from just one guy
I dont understand
why does he lie
and still I listen
as I start to cry
he seems so gentle,so sweet,so kind
all the lies he told me
run through my mind

ok I havent finished it yet
as the tears run
down my face
remembering everything you said
and thinking of what could've been
it saddens me
I get so frusterated
so confused
I think Im in love
with missing you
but in the back of my head
I know your the one
but your not
and I cant change you
Im trapped in a box
and I cant ever get out
looking 4 aproval
so lost inside
feeling so empty
got someone on my mind
yet hes still there
has been
always will
he's in the corner of my mind
push it away
he cant stay
maybe one day
he'll be gone
gone for good
untill that day
I'll cry at night
smile during the day
hold it all in
I can live that way
Ok yea I got nothing to say,Im going to go mess with Janes
bfs head,bye

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