a little piece of me
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2002-03-06 23:55:48 (UTC)

the movie

i really liked that movie. just got back a few minutes
ago. it was done by the same guys that did 'hudsucker
proxy'...that's one of my favorite movies. this one had
the same type of humor. kinda dry. my favorite kind. the
popcorn was wonderful. nothing beats movie theater
popcorn. of course, it cleaned out my pocket for a little
bag (3$!!). oh well, i had fun. i was supposed to go with
elizabeth and jessie tonight to make a last minute run to
get everything we need. i backed out. i would much rather
spend tonight alone. i can go out tomorrow if i think of
anything that i really need.

not going to get to talk to heather tonight. she's in a
lot of pain and pretty busy still. that's understandable.
she always says she sorry, and i know she is, but she
shouldn't be. she can't help it, and i understand. still
get to talk to turtle tonight. he's so funny. he's got
kind of a half-ass mohawk thing going on...yum. he said
he'd make it a real one if i wanted. i could never ask
anyone to do that. so, i told him no. he's too cool. we
have a lot of fun.

alrighty, got some stuff to do. getting excited still!
i'm going to die not being able to write in here as often
as i do (i guess that's why i've been writing so much
lately...hehe, to make up for what i'm going to miss). i'm
going to miss everyone so much! congrats on the progress
lester :) hope you feel better, heather. scott, you kick
ass. got catch 22 today..i'm taking it with me. nikki,
thanks for the advice and the feedback...you are so right
about that last one lol. anyone else out there (if there
is anyone else), take care!


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