my so called life
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2002-03-06 23:16:01 (UTC)

Hopelessly addicted

Big historytest tomorrow.. this will have to be short.

This week : Exhausting! LOTS AND LOTS of work.
Friday : We had this dance.. You know the russ-thing. Well,
the whole celebration starts in May, and that's not so far
off anymore. Friday we had this baptism-thing. Stupid
tradition :D You dress up (I wore this really cute dress..
it's the first time I've looked in the mirror with a dress
on and thought not too bad.. ;)) and you get this nickname
and you kiss the head of a pig (I KNOW!! :O ) and drink
champagne.. I told you the whole russ-thingy is tacky!! But
it was a lot of fun.. At first we were at Ally's. When I
arrived, it was pretty crowded. The first thing I noticed
was Silvia who was sitting next to Ben. They both smiled.
I got all shaky, he's so damn cute and he's got the most
amazing smile.. *sighs*
All my friends were there and it was a lot of fun..
Everyone was all dressed up and looked so cute! It's a
shame that we never dress up. I liked the atmosphere :)
I was standing talking to Silvia (Ben wasn't sitting next
to her anymore, he was sitting across the table) when he
said Hey, Cathrine, I can make room for you next to me. I
just smiled, I don't know why I didn't sit down next to
him. Silvia was making fun of him 'oh, come sit with me..
blah blah ;)' Then she said that I looked hot as I entered
the room 'and he noticed too, you know..' I was like come
on, but having someone say something like that makes you
feel good. Thank you Silvia :)
We left Ally's around 8 and went to the dance. About 150
people were at the dance and it was cool! :) All the geek-
boys were drinking, it was weird :D
Carl was drinking.. lol. I didn't talk much with him, but
Lucy said that he was very talkative :D
Well, we got our nicknames.. Mine is 'Uptown girl'
Hah.. silly, huh?
It's because I live on a mountain (or so they say, there's
over a hundred steps to my house), I am somewhat spoiled,
very picky when it comes to boys and a secret fan of
Westlife. That's not true!! Eh.. ;)
We danced all night! Even Ben danced!
Oh my god, this geek in my class kissed me!! LOL
He's nice and all, but if you look up 'geek' in a
dictionary, you'll find his picture.. :) My neighbour
wanted to take our picture and wanted me to sit on his lap.
I was like okaay.. and then she wanted us to kiss, but I
was like no way! :D Just as she hit the trigger-thing, he
kissed me. I've never been so shocked in my life! :D
I just laughed tho :)

I was talking to Lucy about boys and how they suck and she
asked about Ben. I told her that he asked me earlier if I
wanted to go for a walk, but I didn't want to. Why not?
Because all night he was flirting with A LOT of girls, and
that made me feel everything but special. I didn't want to
be the girl who comes running whenever he calls my name. So
I told him no. Lucy thought that was a silly thing to do,
but she understood why I did it. Lucy and I went for a walk
and we ran into Ben. He was like come on, let's dance.
Suddenly Lucy was gone and so was all my resistance. We
danced to a few pop-songs or whatever and then this slow
song got on and he put his arms around me and we danced. I
can't remember which song it was or anything, all I
remember is his skin close to me. JESUS, I'm so lost.. :/
A few hours earlier he was dancing the same way with
another girl and I was dancing the same way with Jay, this
guy in my class. What if Ben thinks of dancing with me the
same way as I thought of dancing with Jay? Jay's a great
guy, but we're just friends. I don't want him to think
that!! :(
Be positive, be positive.. argh :(
He danced with a lot of girls and I guess I danced with a
lot of boys, but none of them matter.. He's all that
matters.. Heaven knows I'm head of heels and it shows. I've
played every field, I suppose.. But there's something about
you, when you're around, baby, I've found I get lost in
you.. What is this feeling, I've never known before.
That I should tell dare to, swear to surrender evermore..
That's what I came here for. Heaven knows I'm head over
heels and it shows. I've played every field, I suppose.
But there's something about you, when you're around, baby I
have found I get lost in a wonderful daze.. Lost in your
wonderful ways..
*sloppy and lovesick*

Saturdaynight I read a message from him on the message-
board I've told you about. He wanted me to send him an
e.mail since he only gets junkmail. 'Pretty please,
extremely, tremendously kind Cathrine =)'
Of course I e.mailed him.. ;)
Yesterday he replied.. JIHA ;)
I wrote that I'm looking forward to Roskilde, since Red Hot
Chillipeppers, Garbage, HIM, Millencoling and so on are
playing, but that I wish I could afford to go to Spain or
something also. He wrote that we could go on a cheap
chartertour together at the end of the summer. ;)
I could decide where we'd go :)

I need to snap out of this.. I need to get a grip. But I
caaaan't ;P

Tom called Saturday night (at like 4 am!)
He was drunk (no kidding) and actually told me that he's in
love with me. I know that when people are drunk, they talk
a lot of bull.. but Tom has called me a lot of times (and
he's always drunk when he calls) and he has never said
anything that isn't true.. And the way he said it.. It
didn't seem like bull.. I'll write more about that another
time, maybe. It just sucks that I had a crush on him a year
ago, but am totally over him now. Now he tells me that he's
been in love with me all the time. Loser in love, that's me!

This wasn't a short entry after all..
Oh, well.. wish me good luck on my historytest!!

Bye-bye! :)