The Useless Drag of Another Day
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2001-05-09 00:17:36 (UTC)

words can't describe what i feel inside...

May 8, 7:01 p.m.
song of the moment- gypsy by suzanne vega

its amazing what one word can do. and the way that the same
thing can mean nothing to someone but completely kill
someone else. i noticed that today. and i suppose it all
has to do with a person's situation. people should be
sensative to that. because the fact of the matter is that
everyone on earth has "issues" shall we say. and no
person's are the same as someone else's. so by all means
dont try to pretend that you know how someone feels about
something. whenever someone tells me "i
understand" i have to convince myself not to completely be
like "the hell you do" and i know that sounds so pathetic
and childish. but i dont pretend to understand what
everyone else feels. and its ok to empatize with someone.
thats the best thing you can offer anyone. but it really
takes away the beauty of what a person is feeling, painful
as it may be, if everyone they encounter claims to be
capable of that same exact emotion in the same exact
experience. does that make sense? i hope so. love peace
empathy mischief, desire and gladness always....

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