The Daily Babble
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2002-03-06 22:37:41 (UTC)

Group work sucks!

Ugh what a day! I had my Economics class this morning--
which I ALMOST bailed out of but I knew i shouldn't--so I
went. =-) And then I went to grab something to eat and
study before my 1:00 exam. The exam itself wasn't TOO bad,
but it was an exam afterall! Afterwards, my group for that
class was meeting to get out project going, and the group
drove me crazy. There's this guy Earl who needs everything
repeated like 4 or 5 times and just would not listen when
we made decisions. I swear I was going to hit him!!! It
was a deadly hour and a half!!! I THINK we finally decided
on something but I don't even know for sure since the damn
kid couldn't make up his mind. So I ended up making a
template of everything that we're doing and how the paper
should be and sent it out to all the members...hopefully
that will help! ARGH!

Now I'm in the computer lab in the library and I ran into
my night class professor! But that wasn't too
bad...unfortunately he was getting stuff together for the
night class--meaning homework! That stinks. =-) I'm not
looking forward to the class..I mean he's a good professor
and all, and its actually one of my better classes, but I'm
just really tired..and totally worried about the exam
tomorrow! Argh...

I'm just trying to think about Friday and how much fun that
will hopefully be! =-)