Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-03-06 22:35:16 (UTC)

Opportunities Abounding! :)

Well, I haven't written in a week, but I've been
really busy. So many good things are happening! I'm kind of
scared, because whenever this happens, something really bad
happens to ruin my happiness. But so far, things are good,
and here's what they are:
Ryan got a new job that he'll start in two weeks at a
company called Night Rider, a motorcycle company that
invented these extra headlights for motorcycles to make
night driving easier and safer. They're a cool invention.
Anyway, Ry was making $11, and they offered him $14!!! And
he took it...of course...yay!!!
...part two of that story- Ryan's bosses want me to
take over his job for $10/hour. I'm on salary right now,
but it works out to about $8.85/hour. What I decided to do
was tell Lauren that I got an offer from MRI of $11/hour
(sneaky, sneaky!), and tell her that I'd like to stay, but
only for more money than I'm making now. I told her that
today, and she's going to counter-offer on Friday. If she
offers $10/hour or more, I'll stay. Otherwise, I'm back at
MRI for a definite $10 and a review in 6 months. So,
wherever I end up, instead of $575 paychecks, I'll be
getting $650 paychecks. Woohoo!!! Oh, and instead of $715
paychecks, Ryan'll be getting $900 paychecks! Yay! We'll be
making $40,300 a year!!! Finally, an income that's in the
lower-normal range, rather than the poor-married-teens
range :) I just hope Lauren makes the better offer, because
I would like to stay here.
Tonight I have a meeting with a woman from Saddleback
so I can discuss my teaching plans and work out a schedule
that will be best for me. I'm most likely going to take 2
classes this summer and next summer, and 4 classes during
the each of the normal the year until I'm done. I should
finish in about 2 years plus a summer. Then I'll be going
to Cal State Fullerton (most likely) for two years, then
student teaching for a year, and then I'll be a teacher!
Finally. That'll be in about 5 or 6 years. As soon as I'm
done with all that, we're planning on having a baby. We
both wish it could be sooner, but school is more important
in the long run, so I can actually do a good job of helping
to support our family.
Another good thing that's happening is that we're
getting a reclining couch/loveseat set from Tim and Helen.
We're going to dump the couch we have now, but keep the
loveseat, and just have a lot of places to sit (which is a
good thing!) We're going to get that set up and re-arrange
the living room tonight before Daniel comes over after
class at 10:00...
...with the WEED!!! Yes, that's right, we finally got
a hookup. It's been sooooo long... but tonight is the
night, my friends, the night when all our ice-a-ma-cream
dreams come true :) We should be getting an eighth for $50,
which is good, considering an eighth is 3 and a half grams,
which normally sell for $20 each. So we're saving $20, and
we're actually splitting the cost with Daniel, so it's only
$25 for Ryan and me. Every time we smoke weed, we smoke it
with Daniel anyway, so we're just going to split the cost
and smoke it together.
Yay! Money, Education, Furniture, and Drugs! All at