my life (as told by me)
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2002-03-06 21:42:09 (UTC)


it's the 6th of march and i see i havent written in a
while. not that it matters because i dont know who even
reads this anymore. but oh well. heather's b-day was on the
2nd and i went boarding with martin that morning. i did
really good considering my knee. hm what else. oh yes. i'm
starting to think a lot about my feelings for josh. i think
they're strong still, but not as strong as they used to be.
well i dunno if that's how i should say it. they're not
like the infatuation feelings they used to be....i guess
that's better. i mean i still like him, but slowly they're
subsiding i guess. i dont think they'll totally be gone by
the end of this year. but well i dunno. i'm just so
confused as to him. and what else. since i spent so much
time worrying about me liking josh, i didnt keep an open
mind. now i've kind of opened up to a different guy. i cant
say that i like him because i dont. he's just really nice
and so far he's been able to cheer me up everytime i'm like
shit and he's helped me....god he sounds like josh. i'm so
weird. and lately i havent exactly felt like myself. i've
felt out of place so to i was doing something
wrong and didnt belong. ooooo anyways off that. today,
britt and me moved brian's car and he was like ok where's
my car. that was so the highlight of my day. lol. just
watching him look for his car. i was crying because i was
laughing so hard. damn i'm nuts. OMG i got my bass.
finally. and i dont suck at it. SUPRIZE SUPRIZE! i can
actually make it sound half way decent. and for once i
think i'm doing ok in math. not like it matters because
romano will probably fail me anyways. i swear he dont like
me. road test...april 1st....i probably already mentioned
that, but there it is again....I'M GONNA BE DRIVING! :-D
well i am now, but i will be able to with OUT my parents.
who's the special one now...ok not me nevermind. i should
go. oh one more thing. download matthew sweet-magnet and's a good song.