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2002-03-06 21:07:19 (UTC)

I don't need novacaine in my soul.

I just spent over an hour of my time on an idiotic
standardized test. We have these standards of learning
which are completely ridiculous. They ask dumbed down
questions. One would think it would be simple to pass these
things but somehow the whole school manages to fail them,
what talent this village of idiots has. Personally I did
not try. The one today was an essay, in which I ranted
against standardized testing, in favor of de-censoring sex
and drugs, and the abolition of religion, in the sense of
the mainstream religions, cults, and such. It makes no
difference to me if I pass or not, it has no effect on me.
But tests like this really bring us down. SATs especially,
with their counter-intuitive questions. How often is one
present in situations where something is almost entirely
counter intuitive, or somehow during the problem solving
process are presented with a multiple choice grid with one
answer that is correct and the others are near what you
would intuitively guess according to part of the problem,
making you overlook something. That is my problem with
standardized testing. I think that testing in general
should be in essay form, and if an opinion is asked for one
cannot grade it, but if pure information or something
similar to math is asked for then it can be. Otherwise a
person should be evaluated through their accomplishments,
though a person should not be frowned upon for lack of