Scenes from a Marriage
2002-03-06 20:48:18 (UTC)

Wednesday, March 6th---WOW it has been awhile

I can't believe how long I have been away from here, it
seems unreal, but then again so do the turn of events that
have taken place.

Where do I begin? In January he broke up with the
girlfriend and moved back in with me, that lasted one month
barely. Just enough time for him to find out he could not
get custody of the other child, so my gift on Valentine's
was having the police at my house while he removed his
stuff. He had decided to come get it while I was at work
and my dad caught him. So, he went two weeks back with the
girlfriend in his old apartment, and sends me a dozen red
roses asking me to break my date I had on March 2nd--I
refused. He has made me feel like a puppet on a string, he
has been around the house some, but then on Friday the 1st
the bomb was dropped. Girlfriend told him that she is now
pregnant too!!! Only girlfriend has some type of medical
condition and she may not be able to carry the child. So,
he asked me to pray that she has a miscarriage or
abortion. He wants to get back with me he says, I don't
believe it for a minute!!