victim of circumstance

all i know is i don't know nothing
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2002-03-06 20:27:01 (UTC)

floating away

i look up from where i'm standing
at the pieces of cloud
that have descended upon us
and are trying to float away
i try to grab the ends so i can float away too
but my fingers slip through nothingness
and grasp frantically at the air
trying to hold onto something that was never even there
slowly becoming more and more aware
of how i can't seem to hold onto anything
or be in control of a situation that i can't be
and trying to run away takes too much out of me
i'd rather just float away above and beyond everything
both good and bad bits
where i'm sitting comfortably numb
existing but not living is worse than dying
i'm lying 'cause even though i can't hold onto the cloud
the cold light shines through
and i bitterly see that silvery golden lining
although it seems so far away
and i'd rather float in the clouds
looking down at my world than live among it and tough it out
taking the easy way out is sometimes too hard

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