Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-03-06 19:39:19 (UTC)

A Candid Interview of some sort...

I write in this thing at least once a day when I'm bored,
so, who'd a thunk...

Yep, (say that with a southern drawl), I've gotta find me a
steady job (as a matter of fact, say the whole line with a
southern drawl). Who cares of the fact that when my hours
did go up, I went in with my brain in my back pocket, and I
was essentially a mindless drone... Yeah yeah, on the
outside, from all appearances, I don't look like a happily
functioning human being...but, as it was said somewhere, a
man is much more than just appearances--he also has a

Ah, the heart, it is a most surprising and eloquent organ
with which we possess. After thoroughly investigating the
facts of which I constantly base my decisions on, something
comes literally out of nowhere and strikes me through the
center of my chest, or my mind, for that matter. It is
like we are all variably wired for triggered responses,
much like Pavlov's dogs were wired to salivate at the flick
of a light-switch. I can merrily go about my way, not
knowing no odds or ends, aloof, coolly observant, when
something will just capture my attention. There is no
known reason, but I just like to track motion. Be it the
physical motion of an object translating itself through
space in front of my eyes, or the ethereal motion of
muscial notes through my being.................

I am so foolish to think that everything can be described
by a set of irreducible facts, when things like
consciousness, or love, or evil, or whatever, cannot be
explained in totally rational terms. This is so unnerving,
though. Because in our quest to understand nature, we use
numbers, singularly defined entities that have a real
definite value and can be used unequivocally in any
situation that calls for it. Since we have been so
successful in describing a lot of reasons for why and how
using numbers, how do we describe consciousness, or love,
or whatever, in numbers? Even in nature, we are told to
look the other way when it comes down to the subatomic
realm, where we would have to deal with probabilities
rather than predictions.

So this is the wave nature...E to the I times K minus Omega-

Just like a circle can be thought of as a collection of
points, those points can be (and rather are) infinite in
number... So things like conciousness, or love, or
whatever, can be considered as an infinite spiral of
__something__ that transcends all and any rational
boundaries.... Hmmmmm, interesting.....

So, imagine myself walking through the real world in a
crowded street with my brain in full force rationalizing,
analyzing, denoting, discerning, picking, criticizing,
guessing, estimating, wondering.... when all of a sudden I
hear the brief notes of some beautiful siren somewhere and
I am instantly taken away to the land of ethereal dreams
and enchantment....

Weird, eh? Well, it happens to me a lot.

I think Jung, et. al., describes it as intuition, but I
don't think that I'll go there just now....