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2002-03-06 19:27:24 (UTC)

Little Hands

I have little hands. Everyone seems to remind me of that,
too lol. They can only reach one octave on the piano and
can't do things like most of you guys' hands can do.. was
just thinking about that again today haha... wondering what
these hands will do someday and praying that they will
make great differences in people's lives for the best. My
favorite thing to do with my hands is worship God with them
and pray over people with 'em. Who here has long, big
hands? I think everyone who has long hands should play
the piano..such a waste not to!

Is my diary as boring as it feels? Yeaaahhh.. It's more
like a boring journal. Ha. I really could put secrets and
my heart wrenching tales in here.. tell me whatcha think.
I've b een reading Echo's diary. Checked it out before?
That gurl is awesome. I'm praying for her because i sense
that deep inside she really wants to really love God and
do things really righteously for Him! Wants to help the
people around her. She's also cute lol.

Nate and i had a heavy discussion today that was sad and
it's all my fault cause i act so stupid. He hugs me and i
get squirmy because i always have that paranoid thing where
that i'm cheating on Wayne or my husband! Wanna save
everything for him. But friends suppose to hug, ya'll.. and
i gotta stop my weirdness. And like Nate said, how am i
gonna find the one when i push everyone away? ahh.. Yeah.
Anywayz.. Nate isn't talking to me now. I feel really
sad 'cause he is one of a kind.. really great. I wanna get
him back so bad!

Darren wrote me a kool email yesterday. Man, he's so busy
these days! So many of my friends and I are so busy and we
don't get to talk as much. Some (as if anyone cares):

Boreth (...)
Katy (my supermodel couzin)
Courtney (my beautiful bestfriend)
Sarah (pal from Africa)
John (Awesome guy and servant of God)
Joey (JOEY)
Dave (who hates heavy metal!!!!!!!!)
Kristen (my great sis. from Colorado)

Yay. You're asleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Goodnight...*tucks ya in* lol


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