The Complete Life of Jason
2001-05-08 21:51:03 (UTC)

First Publishing - Introduction

First of all, I would like to take the time to introduce
myself. I am 14 years old, I live in Spencer, Indiana, and
my name is Jason. I have a great life, a full family,
consisting of two sisters, a mom and a dad.

I said before that I have two sisters, so I will take this
time to introduce them. My older sister, Amanda, who is 15,
talks quite a bit, and lies often. She is very nice,
though, and despite what I say or think sometimes, I do
love her. Touching, isn't it? I forgot to mention that I'm
a softie :P. My younger sister is 11, and, bluntly, she can
be very annoying. However, the same lies true with her, I
love her.

Another thing about me, I have never smoked anything, nor
have I gotten drunk before. I am a virgin as well, and am
currently single, yadda yadda. Just thought I might like to
clarify that.

My mom is named Victoria, or Vicki, for short. She is
everything I would ever want in a parent, she is not very
strict, yet she has rules. She is very nice, cooks a good
dinner, I can talk to her about anything and everything,
and more. She can get a bit grumpy sometimes, but, what
human doesn't get grumpy? My dad's name is Steve, and him
and I have never been exceptionally close. I love him, he
loves me, but we don't communicate all that well. I talk to
him, but I don't feel the same comfort as I do talking to
my mom.

Let's see, what else can I include. I am a game freak, not
really a nerd, so to say, but I love playing games. I am
not too involved in sports, I have played basketball
before, and baseball. I love being online, and I am online
often. Probably too often. I play MUDS online, wish I will
explain what those are another day. I play video games, I
LOVE the Final Fantasy series. Devoted? Yes.

That should be enough for the first entry... if you have
any questions, email me.

Forever yours,