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2002-03-06 19:15:01 (UTC)

Another Opening of Another Show

"Another Openin', Another Show, in Philly Boston or
Baltimo', A chance for stage folks to say hello! Another
Openin' of Another Show..."
So yea, one more day till Kiss Me Kate opens... eff. I'm
tired! Physically, Mentally, Emotionally. Boys are stupid.
I hate the drama that comes along with drama, but i tend to
start most of it. All the "she likes him, but he likes her
best friend who's really in love with his brother"
bullshit. It makes me sick. But oh well, I guess I gotta
learn to deal with it. I'm not very happy with the part I
have, but at least I get to be onstage. Gotta take what I
can get, right? I wanted to be Hattie and sing the solo
in "Another Openin'" but I got stuck with a company part
while a freshman got that part. Oh well, at least it's a
freshman that I like and at least I get to be on stage
instead of crawling around in the dark backstage as a
cockroach. My theater director hates me, he thinks I'm a
bad actress and a slacker. Which may be true, but I've
worked very hard to improve both. I've been doing
everything for him for 3 years and I thought I might get a
bigger part this time, but no, i'm a doorman. Errr... I
hope one day I'll be the star of a big broadway show so I
can invite him and laugh in his face and say "you had no
part in making me who i am!!!" it'll be great. But I can't
really compleatly say that. He did have a part in helping
me be the person i am right now. He denied me of my dream
and so i strived to work harder so I could eventually
acheive it. My hard work got me into the academy didn't? So
screw you Anderton! Anyway, on a lighter note, I like my
coustumes (well all except for my doorman one). The
renissance ones are so pretty! and thanks to Jen, we really
do look "Too Darn Hot" in our new 40's outfits. I like mine
a lot, but it's really not very comfortable, it has wires
in it that are always poking me. "Four weeks you've
rehearsed and rehearsed, three weeks and it couldn't be
worse, one week will it ever be right? then outta the hat
it's that big first night!" scary! oh man... I think I'm
actually nervous.