lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-03-06 18:58:44 (UTC)

baby got back

haha every title i think of is weird. i'm weird.
everything's weird. that's how i feel.

last night i was trying to teach chris how to play the
clapper shark game. it's really fun & i made it up & if
you haven't played yet, ask me and i'll teach you. anyway,
we were playing the clapper shark game when he suddenly
picked me up (that's not part of the game, mind you).
aaaaahhhggg. he was like yanking me around & almost
flipping me over & i was cracking up but when i got home my
back reeeally hurt, and now all the muscles are
like "hurhrurhrur!" yeah, that's what they're saying.

and this morning, we (the people in my carpool, that is)
were talking about oaks vs. cam high and once again i was
like "roar!!" but now i'm ok. but every time i think
about it, i get this little pang of love
for the cam high life...and then i just have to think of
all the good stuff here & it really is rad. plus my main
reasons for being at cam would be social anyway. plus i've
already ordered my letterman jacket from here. haha.
anyway, re-registration is this week, and that's got
everybody talking about it. hmmm...if i just make it to
next week, i'll have no way of backing out, and THEN i'll
be happy. uhh yeah.