2002-03-06 18:51:47 (UTC)

Katie Hockaday

This is for a personal, personal friend of mine.
Literally this girl kicks major ass. I love her to
death 'cuz she's so fuckin REAL. I finally find a real
person in my life and I have been bestowed such a kind
person such as Katie Elizabeth Hock. I think she's nice for
following reasons (and I say "following cuz, by golly,
there's a shitload of reasons) She's taking the time to
help me in a subject without being A) arrogant B) a pain in
the ass C) a complete bitch? she's just a bundle of nice. I
mean not Angie giddy nice, just patient and awesome. Dude,
I love her. I really do. Okay that's enough of my lesbonic