Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2001-05-08 21:38:43 (UTC)

What to write about Im lisening..

What to write about Im lisening to beth orton
(stolen car)really loud, I love beth orton Its impossabe to
describe but it keeps a kinda heavy feeling and yet ......
OK whats up with people falling so hard for me I know
that sounds not ever Im rambling about Its just like one
their standing by my truck or sat I went out and last night
girly came and hung out at my work for,like two hoursfucker
but why did I think things would be different out here or
time had changedconversation with some freshie and when I
get outta class me or what
Its not that I minded shes to my suprize actully kinda rad,

Its just fuck somone to hold where ever I went but now I ve
got to much respect for people and to leave somone with
some hope of things that arnt ever gonna happen or toying
with somones emotions for the sake of my ego just ainI dont
even know where Im headed with this Its just I went that
liked me and always t gonna work for me w.

ok so heres a seriuosly fucked up entry that was fine until
I tryed to back space over a word cause as I retyped it It
just typed over the nxet word and I could get anything to
work my space bar was deleting the letters infront when I
pushed it. So heres the bright Idea Ill just high light
some and move it so theresroom to type so I I tryed that
and cut cut over some other shit any way I started playing
aroud to get it to work and as you can tell if you tryed to
read it ITS FUCKED so break out your capt crunh secreat
decoder rings and youll know the insights of my soulHA HA
Stay positive spifire

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