The lost little girl
2002-03-06 17:47:03 (UTC)


well i got really good news about Sebastian the other day. i
think i mentioned how he was sick and stuff. since he was a
premature baby he was having trouble. so he was on O2 and
stuff. well his O2 levels are up to 99 so he's doing great.
i can't wait to go back and see him.
I went to Wally world last night with Crystal, jimmie and
jeff. i was looking at baby stuff. it's all so cute. i was
like " oh i want one" and then i hit myself for even
thinking that. i mean yes. when one looks at little socks
and little hats you think omg that's so cute. but then the
reality sets in of waking up at 3 am cuz the baby is crying.
*shutter shutter* don't wanna think about that anymore.:)!
it's a little strange to think of my sister as a mother. i
mean not in a bad way. just strange. i mean it seems like
just the other day she had the under part of her head shaved
and was wearing black tights clothes and following the
motley crue tour bus around buffalo. it's silly i know..but
it's a good memory.
well i have to go..ttyl loves- janie

daily quote: ( ok this is from a persons info on AIM. now
granted i hate this person a lot. but i still like this
quote. it really reminds me of my friends)

"A good friend will come and bail you out of jail, but a
best friend will be sitting right next to you saying "that
was fucking awesome!!"-anon