The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-03-06 15:59:03 (UTC)


hello, not much has happened i went to my sisters house
yesterday when she wasnt there and i hung out with Becky
and Mat(my sisters boyfriend) and he said that he is going
to help me plan my sisters B-day gift..THIS IS GOING TO BE
GREAT! ok well i am sure NONE of YOU care so bascially you
can just skip that part then...i have no clue what i am
getting for Becky for her birthday...i hate birthday
shopping i never know what to get anyone, ok well i have to
waste time since i have till 11:24 and its 10:55
soooo...balh blah blah! i am hungry..and i dont have any
lunch money so i have to "starve" through lunch
today..thats gonna suck...yes yes indeed it is going to
suck...well only two days of school left..till the weekend
and then there will be another week after that for MORE
schoo..yippie yia ehh cowboy...Atleast i get to go see the
play on Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th. ok well ill
see yall later.buh bye
ok I luv ya Buh bye!