The Fallen and Damned
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2002-03-06 15:28:34 (UTC)

sex with the properties of a flower and summer

happiness is a warm gun
i am haunted by the letter c it is worse then when i was
haunted by the number 45. .. . . because the c is my grades
,45 was just tryiing to take over myu brain

i think the jester likes me , which is preturbing because we
were trying to set him up with the queen - ( sommer that is
) and it is bad enough that i went out with her crush
before. besides that, i dont even like him, but he is a good
friends - i suppose - and i wouldnt mind going to prom with
him, although i was going for someone else - - - -- - - -

i kinda want the catipllar to ask me to ball, shhhh dont
tell the flower.

well, therte gores bill