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2002-03-06 14:38:18 (UTC)

she can raise them on her own then

So if Sean doesn't have to pay auto insurance, but rather,
blow his money on clothes and snowboarding, then there's no
incentive for him to try to excel in school in order to get
good enough grades that his auto insurance premium would
drop and he wouldn't have to pay any more.

She gave him $150 to go on a snowboarding boondoggle to Mt.
Bachelor. He told her he had his schoolwork all caught up,
that he's doing fine in school, that he deserves to go on
that trip because of that. Turns out he was doing lousy in
school, that he never talked to any teachers before hand to
get assignments he was missing. He lied to, and took
advantage of, his mother.

So be it. She can raise him on her own. I'm done.
Apparently he can do whatever he wants with no consequences.

He's never gonna learn.

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