Lost In A Cloud
2002-03-06 12:09:47 (UTC)


Hey. Iv noticed that I have been peeing ALOT latley. In
school I go atleast 4 times. A little while after I go, I
feel like I have to go again. I know this isnt normal but
I dont know what it could be. My foot still hurts from
yesterday becuase I dropped a 100 pound weight on it.
Erica is really pissing me off. All day long she runs
after Augie. Me and her havent really talked in 2 days and
to tell you the truth I dont really care. She doesnt tell
me anything anymore, so I threw out the book me and her
write back and forth in. If she doesnt want to tell me
anything, Im not telling her anything. Therfor the book
has no purpose. Right? In the hallway we dont even say
hi, we just walk right past eachother. I dont care at all
thought. But its said it took me this long to realize
what kinda person she is. I dont need her in my life,
more importantly I dont WANT her to be in it. I will talk
to her if she talks to me, but only for a little bit. I
dont want to tell her how I feel cuz I dont want to start
a fight. Yesterday I went to Pops Concert 1 at school. It
was really good! Tonight I have to go to Pops Concert 2
and perform. Our cocnert is ganna be NOTHING compared to
last nights. Well I am going to go becuase I have to
leave for school soon. I miss Olie already =(