Ämberz lil wonda land
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2001-05-08 19:52:56 (UTC)

sorry bout last entry,..well theres more interest shyt here, read up!

well im back with guy 2 depending on what i guy i said was
who.i cant keep up, we already got into our first arguement
not even 3 days into the damn relationship.oh im good
well want the story?k it i really dont
feel like typing,.............
any ways lets call this guy dickwad and then theres guy2
which we all know about already
well dickwad told guy2's brother that i have the lil
bastard head recently. taahhhhhhh,god id like to kill him
any ideas on to how i should go about doin?
and of course it got to guy2 and shitload of hell broke and guy2gotinto and arguement because he didnt
believe me.and we both started screaming shit into
eachothers face:(....later on he went to tell me sorry and
give me a hug i told him to get his $#^& hands off of me
and he backed up.and his friend butted in and told me hes
my boyfriend and that i shouldnt tell him to get his^%#^
hands off of me well first of all i dont give two flying
shits whether or not he is my boyfriend if i dont want him
to touch me,he sure as hell isnt gonna,
dont get me wrong me i love him so much but then you gotta
think about what his friend said it made it sound like i
was his bitch.and his friend,well im just about to the
point of no controll and going to end up hurting this guy
every badly...anyway me and guy2 talked while went for
drive and things went just peachy keen.we were out til
about four.then i droped him off at his house and went home,
well gonna go.ttyl