2001-05-08 19:05:00 (UTC)

a little glimmer of hope

there's no reason why today should be any different, but
for some reason I feel like I am pulling out of it. For
good? heh... But its nice to be coming back to 'normal.'
I'm playing around outside today, its a gorgeous day. I'm
gonna try to get some sleep with a nap today, I haven't
slept well lately, or at all in many cases. So onward I
I had a lot of nice messages waiting for me today. thank
you all, they were all very uplifting. I feel kinda funny
responding though.... I don't want you to think your
efforts were worthless (anonymous ones included of course)
because I am not writing to the email you guys left. I
just feel kinda wierd with mySELF right now, I don't know
how I'd ever be able to face new people about this. But
that doesn't mean I don't like messages. Maybe someday I
can write one of you....
Well, I hope to god this optimism I've got today lasts
for a while at least. I'm off to try to go enjoy the
bis bald...